1. The Eternity Chair (with Helpers)
  2. The Seagull
  3. Lenox
  4. Into the Woods
  5. A Midsummer Night's Dream
  7. Lintik
  8. Mamai
  9. Bagyo
  10. Trainspotting Anniversary
  11. Half Breed
  12. The Addams Family
  13. Tofu (2009)
  14. Jayne's Coffee (2009)
  15. Save the Date for Jena and Vic (2009)

What people are

"Rob Dario's designs have been instrumental in helping to identify us as a professional, innovative and artistic theatre organization. His poster & postcard designs (which we've also used on our website) grab patron's attention immediately with their color & compelling design & have been responsible for putting countless "butts" in our theatre seats. We plan to continue to employ Rob & his talents for this season & many more seasons to come. I highly recommend employing Rob for your marketing/design needs. I guarantee you won't be disappointed with the results!"
David Koppel, Arclight Theatre Company

"Self publishing involves self promotion, a skill few writers possess. Rob Dario's art gets my work noticed. Readers take a second look when his covers appear next to my e-book summaries. Throughout the design process,  Rob invited my input, a privilege unavailable through brick-and-mortar publishing houses. The result was stunning. I look forward to working with him again in the near future."
Roberta Tracy, Author/Publisher

"Rob is a genius! He took our messy program template, cleaned it up, and created something professional and crisp. He was great to work with, quickly incorporating feedback and returning a proof in seeming record time."

                                                               Jeanette Harrison, AlterTheater

"Rob D is a keen and intuitive artist, he helped not only advertise my show, but build an image and collaborate with me- he's truly one of a kind." 
                                                                                                                                                            Jordan Winer, The Great Zamboni

"Rob is a thoughtful collaborator, dedicated craftsman, and will work from vision to outcome to ensure customer satisfaction.  He was very responsive and quick to communicate, which was especially important as we worked under tight deadlines.  The posters and programs that Rob created highlighted our show in a unique and captivating way.  I look forward to our next partnership and would highly recommend his services."

Emily Austin, The Bentley School

"When Rob Dario designed the Logo for our storytelling series, we provided him with a very specific idea for what we thought we wanted. He came back (rather quickly) with a few versions of exactly what we asked for, plus a couple of other choices that were nothing at all like what we had suggested. The fantastic design we chose was one that he came up with, totally different than our first idea. And that logo is now a very recognizable brand in the fast-growing storytelling community. Rob gave us what we wanted, but even better, he gave us what we didn't even know we wanted!"
Cassidy Brown and Rami Margron, 
Co-Hosts and Producers of The Shout - Life's True Stories

"Rob Dario is not only a talented graphic designer, but he is extremely swift in adjusting to changes in the requirements, deadlines, and outside requests. Jump! Theatre  requested Rob to do a simple flyer, which morphed into a web design project as well as a postcard. Rob created all these changes effectively and beautifully, on time and a very reasonable price. Small theaters  are often beholden to funders and other  outside organizations who set requirements for graphic design, and it's often a challenge to find a designer who can make these changes in a timely fashion. Rob kept up great communication with me throughout the process, and the final project turned out even better than we would've hoped."

Roberta D'Alois, Playwright and Professor.